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November 2013



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Nov. 10th, 2013

Babies and Christmas

Christmas is a time for kids, family, friends and fun. Warm feelings, cookies, faith, love, magic, glitter, gifts and lights. Christmas changes with children. You start with having either no Christmas decorations in your house or maybe a bunch of breakable centerpieces, glass ornaments and fragile things. Once kids come all that should change.

Now I've known people who make their kids avoid all the Christmas decorations like a plague. Stay back 3 feet from a tree. "Don't touch that"... "you might break...". And when kids do break things? Parents make them feel bad. It's only common knowledge that if a kid sees something shiny or pretty, they want to touch it. It's magical. Who doesn't want to reach out and touch magic. Now if it breaks they feel bad enough, but to get scolded makes it worse. Things like that can stick with kids forever.

In my family when I was small, my mom put all of her breakable things up high and out of my reach or just plain put them away. Tree ornaments were replaced with plushy ornaments. Table centerpieces were replaced with plastic decorations. Wall tinsel and lights were replaced with paper cutouts that were a big thing in the 70s and 80s. Us kids were always ALWAYS invited to help decorate everything. Every year was fun and there were never tears.

Now with kids of my own I'm trying to do the same with maybe more. When my teenagers were babies I couldn't find any plush ornaments. They didn't exist. I found some styrofoam ones, but it wasn't the same. We made some felt ones. It worked ok.

Now with my baby and another on the way? I was never more happy to hit Target today and discover a wide variety of unbreakable and plush ornaments. I was so excited. I bought $50 worth of the things. Haha! I hope to see more like it in the future. My baby is only 7 months, but I figure I'd grab em while they got em! They're so impossible to find.

Try and find things like this for kids at Christmas. No tears, only fun. These days there are so many fun things out there. Window clings, plastic decorations, wreaths made of plastic things kids can help assemble. The list now is truly endless.

Happy Christmas!

My Brief History

Well... I'm changing the focus of the blog here. To start with I have a dream husband, 3 children and another on the way. My first two are teenagers from my previous marriage. My daughter, Jessamyn, is 14 and my son, Nathan, is 13. My youngest is Rowan and she was born in April 2010.  I'm expecting again in May 2014. Not sure what we're having yet, but we're quite excited! We tried for years to conceive with no luck. I lost 170+ lbs in 9 months and was pregnant with Rowan!

I was raised in a daycare home from a very interactive mom. I learned a ton from there about kids and learned more working at summer camps and working with children volunteering all over town over the years.

I hope anyone reads this and finds it helpful. All I ever hear from friends and coworkers is that I should share my knowledge of ideas in dealing with kids. So... here it is!

Read and enjoy. :)